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  • Just want to know who this is.

  • Calling and leaving prank messages

  • total scam, in spanish & recorded voice, hung up before they finished

  • JOE MANCHIN PICKS D.C. DEMOCRATS OVER WEST VIRGINIA.. Anti-Trump: X Strong supporter of his "good friend" Hillary Clinton. X 67% of Manchin's campaign cash comes from outside WEST VIRGINIA, including half a million dollars from WASHINGTON, D.C. alone. Anti-2nd Amendment: X Co-sponsored legislation to expand background checks. X Took-$87,000 in campaign contributions from a powerful anti-gun law firm. So on Tuesday May 8, 2018 please vote for your next WV Senator EVAN JENKINS. Because he believes in WV Values and WV Beliefs. Because you can't trust Joe Must Go Manchin. He voted with Hillary Clinton while she was a Senator from NY on many issues she sponsored. Manchin gave MONEY to her Senator and Presidential Campaigns. That why its important to vote for EVAN JENKINS because he believes in the truth and Manchin distorts the truth.

  • This person tried to facetime me. I declined and texted to see who this was. They said that I had just asked THEM to call me (which I hadn't.) Person texted me that it was megan and then said sorry, they dialed a wrong number.

  • No one talks, just dead air. Think it was a employee of a pizza place I ordered from or something.

  • This number appears on my sms/text service with the word "test". The texter won't identify themselves.

  • werid phone call at night

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  • Calls 2-3 times a day and then hangs up. When I try to call back, the mailbox is full.