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  • possible identity theft? fraudulent credit card charges. fraud website

  • calls hangs up. I call back get does not accept call from certain phones then gives code nscjx

  • Keep calling me jus wonder who it could maybe be

  • JOE MANCHIN PICKS D.C. DEMOCRATS OVER WEST VIRGINIA.. Anti-Trump: X Strong supporter of his "good friend" Hillary Clinton. X 67% of Manchin's campaign cash comes from outside WEST VIRGINIA, including half a million dollars from WASHINGTON, D.C. alone. Anti-2nd Amendment: X Co-sponsored legislation to expand background checks. X Took-$87,000 in campaign contributions from a powerful anti-gun law firm. So on Tuesday May 8, 2018 please vote for your next WV Senator EVAN JENKINS. Because he believes in WV Values and WV Beliefs. Because you can't trust Joe Must Go Manchin. He voted with Hillary Clinton while she was a Senator from NY on many issues she sponsored. Manchin gave MONEY to her Senator and Presidential Campaigns. That why its important to vote for EVAN JENKINS because he believes in the truth and Manchin distorts the truth.

  • Received spam text messages about fake winnings at Walmart and links to potentially bugged sites.

  • several times this number has called. When I answer, nothing. When I call back nothing. annoying

  • Unknown don't kno who it is calling ,I want to kno who it is

  • They called my cell phone. I didn't recognize the number, so I didn't answer. The didn't leave a message.

  • Don't know who this number belongs to, but they want to get in touch with me, and I want to know who they are.

  • Call received. No messages left.